How to search

Click "Search for a freelance"

You may search for entries in the Directory by entering or selecting the appropriate term in any or all the fields shown in the search form. You may search by skills, specialisms, geographical location, by name or for text that the Directory member has provided.

So, to find a photographer, just select "photographer" from the items listed as skills, leave all other boxes alone and click on "search". To find a photographer in the East Anglia, select "photographer" from the list of skills and "East Anglia" from the list of UK nations & regions.

In general, the Directory will show you freelances who match all the criteria you specify: as above, one who is a photographer and who is in the East Anglia (and no photographers elsewhere, nor non-photographers from Mundesley, Norfolk).

If you know the name of the journalist you are looking for, enter his or her name in quotes into the box labelled "With any of these names or placenames or words:" thus "Jo Bloggs", and leave the other boxes alone.

Take care...

Do take care when searching by location. If, for example, you look for a freelance who is in the country Paraguay and in the region of the UK that is East Anglia, you should get no results, because no-one in East Anglia lives in Paraguay.

(The nations/regions follow European Union definitions: please note that the Northern region includes the North East.)

Improving your results

You may use the asterisk as a wildcard in the field labelled "With any of these names or placenames or words:" for example, if you enter smit* you will find people called Smith, Smithson, Smithy and Smits - and maybe some who are smitten as well.

You may search the descriptive text provided by freelances for words or phrases. Just enter the word or phrase you are looking for in the box shown and click on "search". This feature could be used when you want to look for a freelance specialising in an area more specific than those listed as a subjects - for example biology, as against science in general.

You can also search for locations more specific than the regions, for example Cornwall Devon.

When searching for a phrase in the text of entries, use double quotation marks to enclose the phrase. For example - "new statesman" or "Mike Holderness".

If you do not use quotes, the Directory will show you entries that contain any one or more of the words or names that you enter.

Text searches are not case-sensitive: "statesman" returns the same results as "Statesman".


Up to 10 results are listed on a page. Click on a name to see the full details of the individual. Click "next" to see the next page of results, if there is one, and so on.

Each day we re-randomise the order of the search results, so that Aaron Aaronson does not get much more attention than Zygmund Zygmund.

Click on a column heading to sort the results by the content of that column. Click on the same heading again to reverse the sort.

Please note that the search form remembers what you last searched for. If you wish to modify a search after looking at some results, just change the desired field or fields, leaving the others alone. If you wish to run an entirely new search, you can click on the "Search for a freelance" link on the menu.

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