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Hannah Flynn

Health journalist with over a decade of clinical writing experience. Knows what a p-value is! Clients include health publications The Limbic, Chemist+Druggist, Training Matters Magazine and The Lowdown. I have also written about health for general audiences for Vice, Ars Technica, Left Foot Forward and The Guardian. Also, Movements Insights Lab at Loughborough University and Teva, a pharmaceutical company. Available for news desk shifts, feature writing and conference reporting.

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Contact details:

Town: London
Postcode: SE9 3UL
Region/nation: London
Country: United Kingdom
Also find me on: Twitter
Telephone: 07879448121
Mobile: 07879448121


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  • Medicine
  • Health and fitness
  • Drugs
  • Sciences
  • Industry
  • Women's issues

Major clients:

  • Chemist+Druggist
  • Pharmacy Magazine
  • Vice
  • Training Matters
  • The Lowdown

Profile last updated: 2020-02-12 11:16:39

Extra information:

As a regular contributor to Chemist+Druggist, Training Matters and other prominent trade journals, I specialise in news relating to pharmacy and health.

My experience on a number of fast-paced national news desks means I have written about all aspects of the healthcare sector and am as comfortable scrutinising the latest pharmacy minister as I am the latest NICE guidelines on eczema treatment. 

With a little black book full of contacts in the healthcare sector, I have a proven reputation for writing strong news and views about the problems affecting healthcare professionals and their patients. 

I am available for news desk shifts, feature and analysis writing, and conference coverage.

Links to my work:

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To those who take antibiotics - the resistance crisis is not your fault - The Guardian

Digestive health: Do probiotics live up to the hype? - Chemist+Druggist

A spoonful of advice on administering medication - TES

This is what it is like to have no internal clock - Tonic, Vice


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