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John Blake (John Blake Photography)

Most of my work involves runway, fashion advertising plus magazine work, i also work along side pr company's in the UK and Paris. I mostly go on location it gives me freedom to work, although im proficient with studios and lighting if given the choice id be outside. Thank you for your time

Contact details:

Street: 13 bishops court
Town: salisbury
Postcode: SP1 3DT
Region/nation: London
Country: United Kingdom
Telephone: 07540477547
Mobile: 07540477547


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  • Fashion/beauty
  • Design
  • Advertising
  • Arts/entertainment

Major clients:

  • pop pr
  • black pr
  • draper magazine
  • vivienne westwood
  • hello fashion monthly

Profile last updated: 2019-08-01 10:24:05

Extra information:

I started in 1996, after i qualified with HND in photography and fine art. My first job was a wedding photographer and that lasted for two years then i moved to exhibitions, although it was hard work it was fun, after that i assisted a fashion photographer although it was hard i did learn agreat deal, then i had my agent for about eight years but he retired and moved to new zealand.

In the meantime personaly ive gone through one devorce, homelessness, stranded in japan plus having to sell my cameras to get a flight home plus being unemployed, its truly been a struggle.

but i still believe in myself.

Im middle aged remaried with a two and a half year old daughter so things are good all i need is regular work again.

check out my work and thanks for your time.