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Aminda Rosamund Leigh (AMROS Media Solutions)

After over a decade working as a broadcast journalist and trainer for the BBC I am now in Italy, running my own journalism, translation and training company, AMROS Media Solutions. I specialise in the film industry, culture and environmental issues. My company also translates material like screenplays, books, catalogues and publications. I am available for reporting (print, web, radio and TV), designing and delivering tailor-made training courses. I also have extensive experience as a moderator at EU events, particularly on environmental issues and climate change. I am the author of the book "La Bella Vita: Live and Love the Italian Way".

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Contact details:

Town: Rome
Country: Italy
Also find me on: LinkedIn
Telephone: +390661662636
Mobile: +393488955754


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TranslatorRates: Translation
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ReporterRates: Reporter
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  • Film and theatre
  • Current affairs
  • Arts/entertainment
  • Environment and conservation
  • Media
  • Lifestyle
  • Leisure and hobbies
  • Food and drink
  • Travel/tourism
  • Sex

Major clients:

  • Mostra Communications (Brussels, Belgium)
  • Rome & Lazio Film Commission
  • E-Duesse (Italian publishing company)
  • Euroopean Commission
  • Provinciattiva (tourism web portal)

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Extra information:

AMROS Media Solutions is a pool of experienced professionals working in the cinema and audiovisual industries in Italy. It specialises in providing English-language services for Italian companies looking to reach the international market.

Additionally, AMROS Media Solutions provides a 'virtual' communication bridge between English-speaking organisations and Italy through its wide network of contacts and grass-roots knowledge of the Italian film, audiovisual and multimedia industries; valuable resources for companies wishing to work on Italian territory. Our work is driven by three E's:

Expertise - Efficiency - Enthusiasm

Our Media Solutions include:

Translation: adapting the spirit of the original into clear and accurate English
Journalism: offering original reports (written, video and photographic) on Italian subjects
Production: providing English-speaking audiovisual support like video crews and editors
Internet: furnishing English versioning, feedback and advice on web communication
Training: creating and delivering tailor-made journalism workshops

Our client list has included the likes of the RomeFilmFest; E-Duesse magazines Box Office, Italian Cinema, Tivù and Entertainment and Licensing; Sony Pictures; National Geographic Italia; ANSA news agency and Mostra Communications in Brussels.


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Aminda Leigh moderating at Green Week 2011 © Aminda Rosamund Leigh Aminda Leigh moderating at Green Week 2011
Aminda Leigh moderating a session at EU Green Week in Brussels in 2011
Aminda Leigh is author of  the book "La Bella Vita: Live and Love the Italian Way" © Aminda Rosamund Leigh Aminda Leigh is author of the book "La Bella Vita: Live and Love the Italian Way"
"La Bella Vita: Live and Love the Italian Way" by Aminda Leigh and Pietro Pesce published by Adams Media Corporation ISBN-10: 1598699024 ISBN-13: 978-1598699029