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Berni Dwan

Currently teach Print Journalism, English Literature, Creative and History. Built up valuable expertise preparing and teaching course materials. Interested in more substantial writing for books and reports - editing publications and lengthy features on arts, history, literaure, popular culture and technology.

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Town: Blackrock, Co. Dublin
Country: Ireland


See suggested rates:

Feature writerRates: Print media
Online journalismRates: Online/writing
ResearcherRates: Researcher
Subeditor or editorRates: Sub-editing
Book editorRates: Print media - editing/producing books
Book writerRates: Print media - writing books
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  • Education
  • Arts/entertainment
  • History
  • Film and theatre
  • Technology
  • Food and drink

Major clients:

  • University College Dublin
  • Science Foundation Ireland
  • The Irish Examiner / The Irish Times
  • Enterprise Ireland publications

Profile last updated: 2014-02-17 18:05:29

Extra information:


As a freelance journalist, writer, teacher, my corporate clients have included University College Dublin, Science Foundation Ireland and Enterprise Ireland. My work is pitched to a variety of print media including newspapers, in-house publications, corporate web sites and research newsletters.  It is written in a variety of formats including features, press releases, interviews and profiles. 


1999-2007 I write extensively for UCD Research News Web Site, Enterprise Ireland publications, Irish Examiner, The Irish Times, Science Foundation Ireland and Elsevier.


Since then I have been busy preparing and delivering a wide range of course material. I teach Print Journalism - Feature Writing, Editing / Sub-Editing and Research Skills in Dun Laoghaire Further Education Institute.  I also teach English Literature and History in Dun Laoghaire Adult Learning Centre.