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Nigel Dickinson (Nigel Dickinson)

Photographer, photojournalist. 25 years experience, editorial, reportage, corporate, campaigns, PR, commercial, portrait, film & TV stills, travel & aerial photography. Good with people, used to difficult situations, complicated lighting conditions, working to tight deadlines. Extensively equipped digital, film, scanning and retouching. Fluent French, Spanish. Stock images & features: Europe, Asia, Africa, Central & South America, Australia. Environment, indigenous & nomadic peoples, forests & deforestation, lifestyle, cities, tourism, music, religion, traditions, festivals, personalities, chefs & cuisine, education, medicine & health. Please see website.

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Contact details:

Town: Paris, France
Postcode: Central
Country: France
Telephone: +33612133170
Fax: +33153360322
Mobile: +33612133170


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  • Current affairs
  • Media
  • Foreign affairs and overseas
  • Environment and conservation
  • Food and drink
  • Public relations
  • Advertising
  • Celebrities
  • Travel/tourism
  • Fashion/beauty

Major clients:

  • The New York Times
  • National Geographic Magazine
  • Stern Magazine
  • Figaro Magazine
  • Marie Claire magazine

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Extra information:

Leader Photos: Photography, video and film

Nigel Dickinson is a British born photographer. Based mostly in Paris, he works throughout Europe but travels worldwide. He works on a regular basis for editorial, corporate and commercial clients, and with several agencies worldwide. He is comfortable shooting editorial features, undertaking corporate campaigns, shooting PR, strong portraiture, and breaking or hard news. Getting on well with & respecting people, in whatever circumstances, creating a rapport, this is part of the essence of Nigel's photography. After that it is the work of making great photographs.

Nigel Dickinson often shoots aerial photography and is an experienced film and TV stills photographer.

Video and film

Nigel Dickinson works as a film director, responsible for corporate, campaigning and documentary videos made for a range of commercial clients, The UN and NGO's. As a director/producer he works in collaboration with a Spanish based film production company, specializing in full length features, documentaries, promotional films, music videos and television. We design and develop films and budget them to your needs. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any information

Personal projects

At any one time, Nigel Dickinson has several personal photographic projects on the go. His fifteen year project on Roma Gypsies has been exhibited worldwide and featured recently in National Geographic Magazine. He has also documented the worlds major religions and cultures from Sharia Islamic law in sub-Saharan Africa to Christian Bataks in Indonesia.

He has also several new projects in Cambodia. See:

He is fascinated by the vitality and sheer determination of peoples and communities who find themselves on the periphery, marginalized from mainstream society. He is concerned with the Environment & has worked with threatened cultures and indigenous peoples, documenting issues around land-rights, tropical rainforests and deforestation. Nigel Dickinson is continually developing new project ideas with both established & new partners.

Awards and recognition

Nigel Dickinson has won prestigious acclaim and awards. Short listed for the European Publishers Award 2003 'Meat' book. W Eugene Smith Award 2000 runner up for 'Gypsies in Europe'. World Press Awards 1997 'Meat' news coverage of the Mad Cows outbreak in Britain. Care Award 1994 short listed, group exhibition at Visa Pour l'Image 'On the periphery' UNEP 'Focus on Your World' 1992 Bronze medal for 'Deforestation in South East Asia' Books Sara. Le pelerinage des gitans Ten years photography from the Saintes Maries de la Mer Gypsy festival, Camargue, France. Published by Actes Sud 2003. ISBN 2-7427-4363-4.

In 1997 Nigel Dickinson worked with Tom Kennedy and the National Geographic team to produce a website on Gypsies in France:

Nigel teaches photography workshops in his own right and with Tuscany Photography Workshops in Italy.


Extensive library can be viewed at:

High resolution downloads can be made from:

Photo-journalism and documentary projects. Cambodia 2007 • Roma Gypsies & borders of a new Europe, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia: Stern, Figaro Magazine 2004 •Implementation of Sharia Law & Islamic Society: Kano Nigeria 2003: Figaro Magazine, D Republica magazine •Foot & Mouth 2001/Ivory Coast, Yopougon Township 2000: Le Monde 2/Diplomatique, Courier International •Australia cowboys 2001: VSD, Animan •French Forests after the storms 2000: Figaro, GEO, Animan, terre Sauvage •Rom Gypsy and Albanian Kosovar Refugees 1999-2000; Stern, Humanitie, the Red Cross, CFG Magazine •Hurricane Mitch, Honduras Central America 1988: Animan, the Red Cross, New Internationalist •El Nino, Brazil Amazon Forest Fires 1988: Animan, Terre Sauvage •Mad Cow disease in UK 1996; Stern, Der Speigel, Sunday Times, Guardian, New Scientist, World Press •Guatemala, Human Rights, Street Children 1995-1996; GEO,VSD, La Vanguardia, Time, Newsweek •French Gitans & Saintes Maries de la Mer 1993 onwards; L'Express, GEO, Marie Claire, VSD, Focus •Hunting wild boar, Chasse au Sanglier Ardeche, France 1994/5; The Sunday Independent Review, Der Speigel •Environmental Road Protest Direct Action 1993-1995; GEO, Time, Liberation, The Guardian, Das Magazin, •Bosnia Campaign 1994; Children Direct, The Times, The Guardian •Deforestation in South East Asia 1989-1992; New Scientist,Terre Sauvage,UNEP, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace,

Clients include National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times, The UN, GEO, Figaro Magazine, Le Monde, Animan, VSD, Vogue, Stern, L'Express, Time, Newsweek, Focus, Marie Claire, La Vanguardia, The Independent, The Guardian, The Telegraph, New Scientist, New Internationalist, Terre Sauvage, Liberation, The Red Cross, Medicins Sans Frontiers, Oxfam, BBC, Channel 4, Two's company, Phillips Lighting, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Survival, Children Direct, Ayuda en Accion, WWF, CFO magazine, Economist, Illustreret, Stadwerkstadt, Centro Italiano per le Arti e la Cultura, Oriel, la Documentation Francaise, Les Journaux Officiels, Photo Magazine, Leica, Canon EOS Magazine, Pepper Plug,



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Midnight, Train, Cambodia © Nigel Dickinson Midnight, Train, Cambodia
Travel feature on the last passenger train from Phnom Penh to Battambang, Cambodia