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GARRY CLARKSON is a documentary photographer and film maker based in both Leeds, UK and Madrid, Spain. He travels extensively thoughout the world on assignment for a range of editorial and corporate clients. Clarkson has worked as picture editor for the 'chartist' Northern Star newspaper in Leeds, an Archive Supervisor at the Bradford Heritage Recording Unit, a visiting Lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University School of Contemporary Art and the University of Westminster, London; as well as a documentary film maker.

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Contact details:

Street: 4 Alderton Mount
Postcode: LS17 5LQ
Region/nation: Yorkshire and Humberside
Country: United Kingdom
Telephone: 01484 4721814
Mobile: 07702 080686


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  • Advertising
  • Videographer
  • Arts/entertainment
  • Children/educational materials
  • Current affairs
  • Design
  • Disability
  • Education
  • Ethnic and minority
  • Media

Major clients:

  • Liberation (France)
  • Saturday Times Magazine
  • La Republica 'D' magazine (Italy)
  • Dominical (Spain)
  • The Guardian

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Satanic Verses Bookburning. Bradford, UK. 14 January 1989. © Garry Clarkson Satanic Verses Bookburning. Bradford, UK. 14 January 1989.
Muslims in Bradford, UK, burned a copy of Salman Rushdie's novel 'The Satanic Verses'; a protest at what they regarded as blasphemy which was earlier ignored in the nearby town of Bolton.
Fascist Rally, Madrid, 18 November 2007 © Garry Clarkson Fascist Rally, Madrid, 18 November 2007
Spanish Fascist Rally, Madrid, commemorating the death of General Franco (20 November). In Spain, the Falange was a political organization founded by José Antonio Primo de Rivera in 1933, during the Second Spanish Republic.
Ron Davies 'Funpowder' Plotter © Garry Clarkson Ron Davies 'Funpowder' Plotter
Ron Davies was part of the demonstration by fathers-4-justice who flour bombed former Prime Minister Tony Blair in the House of Commons. He hasn't seen his two children in 9 years despite court orders giving him contact.