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Javier Farje

I have been a journalist for 30 years. I worked for the BBC World Service (mainly at the Americas Region and BBC World Service Trust for 15 years as a producer, presenter, senior producer, analysis editor, trainer and project manager. I also worked for Amnesty International as a Press Officer. I have worked in broadcasting, online, translations, international media training and public relations. My work at the BBC World Service Trust can be seen at I am a freelance news editor of the Latin America Bureau website I am also a contributor to Press TV and Hispan TV.

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Contact details:

Street: 265 Capworth Street
Town: London
Postcode: E10 7AJ
Region/nation: London
Country: United Kingdom
Also find me on: FacebookLinkedInTwitter
Telephone: 02085390652
Mobile: 07986008365


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  • Current affairs
  • Environment and conservation
  • Charity/voluntary sector
  • Education
  • Foreign affairs and overseas
  • Charity/voluntary sector

Major clients:

  • Latin America Bureau (
  • Hispan TV

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Extra information:

I have been a journalist for more than 30 years. Since I moved to the UK in 1988, I have worked as a magazine editor, trainer and, later at the BBC, as a producer, reporter, website analyst and broadcast journalist. During my last year at the BBC I worked as a project manager with the BBC World Service Trust, having managed, trained and tutored a six-country media and civil society training project which is been used as a model for other courses. Details can be read at I was the project manager as well as the trainer, writer and tutor of distant-learning modules.

 At the moment I am the news editor (freelance) of, the website of the Latin America Bureau. I write a daily bulletin, analysis and features and my coverage of COP15 can be read in the website.


I have also done a great deal of translations (English-Spanish and vice-versa) as part of my job at the BBC.


I believe that my skills can be transferred to other sectors.


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climate change media course,  Colombia © Javier Farje climate change media course, Colombia
First workshop of media training on climate change, Bogota, Colombia, 2009
climate change conference, Peru © Javier Farje climate change conference, Peru
This is the first conference of climate change for media workers in Lima, Peru 2009
climate change media course, Peru © Javier Farje climate change media course, Peru
Final workshop for media workers on climate change, Lima, Peru. This was part of a six-country media training project I managed for the BBC World Service Trust in 2009